Ascent of the Fallen

by Siegelord

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Siegelord's bold 2016 debut. "Ascent of the Fallen" introduces listeners to an original dark fantasy setting, wherein a tribe of barbaric exiles seek to restore the fallen tyrant deity, Ang Ul-Mak.

"Imagine a brutal story in an extremely dark world of epic proportions complete with betrayal, monumental battles, and subtleties that people like J.R.R. Tolkien mastered but all in the form of a metal album. That is what “Ascent of the Fallen” is..."

"Siegelord have embodied a legend with Ascent of the Fallen. Fierce, masterful instrumental work accompany the heroics within. Ascent of the Fallen is a perfect balance of a sorrowful yet inspiring tale and musicianship that rivals many bands in the scene. It's mind-blowing to know that Siegelord have released this album independently as the recording and production value is on par with many legendary records throughout the years."

"Musically, the band is the well-balanced offspring of Dissection and Dark Tranquillity...with Amon Amarth as the uncle who shows up drunk for the holidays."

"'Ascent Of The Fallen' forms a dignified conclusion: all forces like agile measure changes, heroic vocals, tersely keys, formative lyrics and uplifting melodies are presented for a last time and leave nothing to be desired except one question about this first album´s unbelievable potency." (10/10)

"To say that there's promise here is a mere understatement." (8.5/10)


released January 23, 2016

Ulfr: Vocals and Spoken Word
Sieven: Percussion
Warg: Bass
Therod: Guitar



all rights reserved


Siegelord Cincinnati, Ohio

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Track Name: Fractured Pantheon
Accursed light!
Born from ancient, antlered might
Twists our fate;
The Verdant Deity, the sealer of gates
Into new lands
Of tyrannical suns and burning sands
We walk alone
Exiled into worlds unknown

So this is our fate.
Kings of nothing. Tyrants of the wasteland.
...But I feel it. The cosmic rage that brought us here.
The passion. The fury. The chaos.
We are not alone.

These wastelands shall be our domain
A barren mesa of arid plains
A new land to conquer
To dictate, to slaughter
Unsung, the song
Fractured Pantheon

Dust to dust
Prison of red, ruinous rust
Let us prey
Such has always been our way
Reject the lie
We stand as one, we cannot die
Foreign to fear
We march forward, our course grows clear

Hail to chaos, frenzy and fire
Envisioning your bloodstained empire
Glory to our wounded beast
Hate we sow, death we reap
We held high the horned name
We feel his fury, we share his pain
We feel you now, as doors unlock
We call your name, the Ang Ul-Mak!
So is this the reward for our devotion?
We cannot be undone.

We’ve come too far to perish now
We lords of lust, forever unbowed
We shall write a new page
Of lecherous, glorious rage
Our story will be heard
We will conquer this fucking world
Track Name: Gatebreaker
Behind doors of oak, we bleed
Behind doors of stone, we reign
And as the paths have fused
We are born again

The gate loomed before us
Surrounded by sun and sand
Alive with roots and ivy
In contrast to the land
He could not bear the image
A hive for sprawling scorn
The portal that had hurled us
Into lands forlorn

What could we hope to gain?
What more could we possibly lose?
Grim has been our destiny
And there is no choice to choose

The gate loomed before us
But it did not stand for long
A reminder of our exile
A reminder we do not belong
With authority he struck
And so collapsed the gate
Upon the rubble he stood tall
As we heard him say

“In our days of purest rage your mouthless voice has called to me
In honor of your vermin name we cultivate atrocity
In our years of fetid famine we have heard the fucking call
To conquer every righteous soul and enslave them all”
Track Name: The Desperation of a Dying God
I was ready to live
I was prepared to rule
But I feel our strength is fading
Fate, ever so cruel

Hear our invocation across the sands
Your wrathful will, our bloody hands

Our sovereign lord is dying
Our will cannot be stemmed
Our desperation igniting
This nightmare cannot end

Bring me the spells
Grant me your vision
Restoring you monstrous might
Is our malicious mission

Cut off from the shackled sacrifices of yesteryear
And forced into an act of desperation…
Ang Ul-Mak!
Wet my axe with the blood of purpose
And be exalted in death and rebirth!

Hear our invocation across the sands
Your wrathful will, our bloody hands

Our sovereign lord is dying
Our will cannot be stemmed
Our desperation igniting
This nightmare cannot end
Track Name: A Grim Destiny
What’s done is done
The axe has fallen and we shall never walk in our homelands again
Our past of warfare and freedom now meets a future of exile and decay
We are dying
Our god, Ang Ul-Mak, is dying
It is as if the land itself rejects his untamable spirit
Behind us lies a shattered portal to an unwelcoming world
Before us sprawls a dry wasteland, bountiful only in its crop of death
The only path left for us to is to journey inward
For if we are to burn away this foul destiny
Our souls must ignite into an inferno of will
Track Name: Unkillable
Upon the battlegrounds of my youth I stood as witness to a legend of war

A creature of hate
His sword wide and great
A legacy of torture was his to create

So I was inspired
As siege engines fired
To learn all I could from this fiend I admired

It was under his tutelage that I became more monster than man

We charged and we roared
As we lived by the sword
Fighting and feasting all we could afford

We lived as we willed
Dark lessons instilled
I do not believe that he could have been killed

Where rests your soul, be it broken or whole
O ye scourge of the stars
Do you roam wild and free or rest silently
Imprisoned by the grave’s loamy bars
Do you look to the sky with hate in your eye
And with blood try to fill holes unfillable?
Be you in death or in life, in peace or at strife
Your memory remains unkillable

It was after a gruesome conflict that our paths became diverged
I looked all around
He could not be found
Not amongst corpses that littered the ground

It’s true that I feared
My teacher was speared
He left me no trace when he had disappeared

But wherever he is, I know that he is free

I pray day and night
That we reunite
As bringers of carnage and hatred and spite

But until that day
Alone I must slay
And honor his brutal and barbarous way
Track Name: Siegelord
Warg was a wanderer who traveled far and wide
A drinker of wine and a singer of song with a wench by his side
But his amorous joy would end far too soon
As everything he loved burned away and met its doom

They fell upon his woman and she screamed with all her breath
He watched in horror as they stole her coin then stabbed the bitch to death
His blood burned like venom, too late to save her life
But he indulged in the taking of theirs as he embraced the evil inside

You are never truly free
‘Til you challenge your lot in life
Spit in the face of destiny
And from your back remove the knife

Sieven was the captive of a golden empire
Forced into their bloodsport, but blood was his desire
The arena was his temple and in it he was a god
Gold and glory and the love of the crowd
Filled his every thought

But in one fateful contest he was outnumbered three to one
Betrayed by his profiteering masters who would see his legacy undone
Nearly dead, he roared in defiance, exalted in his rage
And learned the value of freedom as he broke loose from his cage

Ulfr was a sad man who kept time in a bottle
His life held no value as he moved from brothel to brothel
A once proud warrior turned to hedonistic decay
Sinking into an early grave from his heart’s heavy weight

Accused of awful crimes that were never truly done
A witch hunt came to take his life, certain he was the one
A dark metamorphosis saw his sorrow turn to hate
With axe as pen and blood as ink, the berserker re-wrote his fate

We’ve been here before.
We’ve clawed our ways from the jaws of death
and into the purest form of freedom

Praise the fucking lord
Track Name: As Vultures We Come
When silence claims your screams
When nightmares burn your dreams
When the warm summers freeze
Vultures spread their wings

When thirsty swords unsheathe
When weeping widows grieve
When heroes cease to breathe
Vultures spread their wings

My brothers! The years have been cruel
But on this very night… winds of change are blowing
Take up your arms! Raise your voices with me!
And let the heavens know that we have not yet died

They circle our trail, watching and waiting
Their message is loud and clearly translating
“As vultures! As vultures we come!”
We too shall follow those marked to die
And from our presence they realize
that as vultures; as vultures we come

We’ve looked so deep inside
We’ve remembered our pride
We’ve seen through open eyes
Vultures will survive

We’ve seen them soar the skies
We’ve watched them claim their prize
We’ve heard them tell no lies
Vultures will survive

Death is a beautiful whore
who offers her sweet release
To kings and beggars alike
But today is not the day
that I bed that raven haired bitch
I would rather suffer in life
Than accept the peace of her dark embrace

No pity for those lost
Survival at any cost
I need the weak as a predator needs prey
I feel no shame, it is the natural way
The despair that you feel, a consequence of the lie
You were born into this world, but you never were alive
Track Name: A Morbid Opportunity
From dark meditations I return
A burning divination has lit the pyres of wisdom and I now understand what must be done
The voice of the mouthless one has spoken and his vision is clear
Not far beyond the horizon lies a desert oasis
A safe haven in this unforgiving land
And within that oasis, a temple
This verdant refuge is home to an indigenous cult sworn to a goddess of beauty
They are an idle and complacent herd with no shepherd to keep the wolves at bay
Would not the soul of a deity be an ample sacrifice?
We shall perform the ritual of the totem pole and from its monolithic might shall spill the eidolons of the slain put to our purpose
Let us quench our thirst as our cup runneth over with the blood of opportunity...
Track Name: Totem
Obsidian construct
Devoid of all life
Rises forth from the earth
To penetrate the sky

Come ravager of spirits
O ye punishing pole
Exert your dominion
With the lifeforce that you stole

Now genuflect and embrace your weakness
Before the beacon of chains
Submit and self-mutilate
As we feed on your pain

In the shadow of the monolith
Where all depravity is learned
Your mind is raped by the phallus of war
And the oppressor’s name is earned

Now rise totem, eclipse the sun
Herald the dawn of the fallen one
Corrupt the truth, alter the spark
Taint this world with your mark

Come crushing, come conquering
Intruding obelisk of doom
Purge the flesh of the sacrifice
As the soul is consumed

The thirsty earth drinks the blood
That the ruined corpses once held
Extol the spirit as a slave
Reborn as an infidel

Ang Ul-Mak
Impoverished be thy name
Thy freedom gone, thy wrath be shunned
In this life and the next
Give us this day our daily bloodshed
And bless our tresspasses
As we besiege this fucking world
Lead us into the most divine of temptations
For thine is the torment and the glory
And the power forever
Track Name: Warchief of Fallen Spirits
Wordless one rise from the dead
Reject your peace, embrace instead
Conflict that came before you died
And reap a crop of regicide

This is not what you wanted
This is what you need
You cannot turn back time
So be reborn and stand by me

To corrupt Kings his confidence betrayed
For his heresy his tongue they did take
Forever exiled and no longer sane
Unto Ang Ul-Mak his wretched life he gave

With his wife and child he haunted a green domain
Sworn to the singer of the seasons and the seamstress of the rains
Of this silent spiritualist now all that remains
Is the unnatural unliving of a soul gone insane

Such is the course of life
To have no lasting peace
As his own washed away
On tides of agony

And when mortal Kings
Claim divinity
Those who speak in protest
Are silenced unmercifully

Resurrect, reclaim
Therod king of pain
War will mend your grief
Fallen soul warchief

Therod raised his voice against the king
He would suffer for this blasphemy

His family was tortured
Killed by brutal hands
Tongue cut out as ordered
Exiled to the sands

But across the desert he felt the presence of something greater
Three intrusive spirits and a dark and horned savior
To partake in their putrid power of his life he made an offer
Restored by his hatred and the promise of vengeful slaughter
Track Name: A Beautiful Fatality
Can you not feel our presence?
Our raging hunger gathered outside of your palace walls?
Life shall be purged from your flesh
Your bones shall be used in my hexing
And your soul shall serve me eternally

You are open and exposed
Croaking out your final dying breath
Your temple is a canvas
On which I paint a Masterpiece of death!

On a cold backdrop of black and blue with bright brushstrokes of red
A cruel chiaroscuro unveils a still-life of severed heads
Come forth goddess of beauty and gaze upon my art
Is its splendor not enough to stop your beating heart?

Like leeches on dead veins
Your worshipers are slain

Nearly fulfilled from the vermin we've killed
We ink the future with the blood we spill
In this dark hour, the lives we devour
Hold the key to restoring our power

The eye of the beholder
Sees you for the weakling that you are
Your beauty is discarded
Replaced with the punishment of scars

We tear her from the heavens as spiritual thieves
The will to live drains from her eyes
Like color from autumn leaves
We bind her to the monolith and deny her death’s cold peace
We offer her tortured, divine soul to restore our horned beast
Track Name: Ascent of the Fallen
Rejoice in the complete deed
Come dark and wounded lord it is time for you to feed
Rise now, great Ang Ul-Mak
Accept this offering from your faithful flock
Feast now, oh deiphage
Rekindle your fire and ignite your dark rage
Pulled from the edge of the void
And a devil resurrects where a goddess was destroyed

Untamed and violent
The discipline of dominance learned from our tyrant
No shame for those that we kill
Survival of the fittest is a contest of will
But the dead can tell no tales
Just a grim reminder of what it means to fail
Yet we live so unmake the tomb
And what was meant to be our end is now rebirth’s womb

My children
Through the struggles we have striven
And now at last, Ang Ul-mak is risen

Like the wild and raging winds
Nothing in this world ever truly ends
When one life is over another begins
And as the cycle turns
The fallen ascend

This is not the end
As the fallen ascends

Hail the two-horned destroyer
Let only your hatred act as your shield
Awaken from the hopeful dream of peace
And see life itself is a battlefield
Preach the prayer of power
And spread domination’s deadly disease
Freedom is granted to those
Strong enough to break life’s unending siege

The chains that once held you down
Fall from your shoulders and shackle the earth
Upset the natural order
And extort this world for all it is worth
Free to conquer once again
So prepare the spears and sharpen the swords
Baptized in acts of cruelty
So cower before your new overlords

Triumphant, his titanic form rises above the dunes
And the savagery of his grandeur mars the light of day
In profane ecstasy we witness the hour of rebirth
And now see that our dark father has become a son

It is finished, but it is far from over
We have survived this gauntlet only to find that the trial has left us stronger than ever before
We will make a home of this new world... and we will milk it for all it is worth
And as you lay your wretched head and weary soul to rest... take a small measure of solace in knowing...
...we’re alive.